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Full service production
Dansk Fashion Film is a full service production company dedicated in bringing your fashion to film. We provide solutions for any type of fashion related video content – from concept to screen. We specialize in translating your brand identity onto video, optimizing your visual presence on all of today’s media platforms. Whether large-scale fashion film or smaller Instagram videos, we bring your fashion to film.
Second unit
Today shooting fashion still photography should also mean shooting video accordingly. In order to meet  today’s standards we are specializing in producing high-end video material, alongside the production of still photography – functioning as a real time second unit video production. This insures the maximum visual outcome and production value.
As a result of video being accessible to anyone with a camera, producing video material has never been easier. On the other hand making it look good and feel right in post-production is another story. Leave the post-production of your video material with us to ensure maximum production value in your finished film.

The Team

Dansk Fashion Film is founded by film director Christophe Dolcerocca (, based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. We work with a variety of freelancers depending on the job. Christophe Dolcerocca always functions as creative director on our work – and your film.